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Basic specifications

Basic specifications

  • Plate material
  • Plate thickness
  • Plate size (W x L)
  • Hole shape and diameter
  • Pitch
  • Hole arrangement
  • Margin(s) in W direction
  • Margin(s) in L direction
  • Description of surface processing (note 1)
  • Quantity
  • Symmetrical punching in the case of houndstooth pattern(Note 2)
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Uchinuki Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") specifies our private information protection policies as follows to establish a system for protecting private information, thereby enhancing our employees' awareness of the importance of private information protection and requiring them utmost efforts in it.

[Private information management]

To constantly update the private information of our customers and prevent unauthorized access to and the loss, damage, falsification and leakage of them. our company will take necessary measures, such as security system maintenance, management system development and employee training, take safety measures and strictly manage private information.

[Purpose of our using private information]

We use the private information of our customers to provide them with e-mails and pamphlets showing our notifications, announcements, replies to inquiries, etc.

[Prohibition of the disclosure and provision of private information to third parties]

Our company appropriately manages customers。ヌ private information and does not disclose them to third parties, except in the following cases:
The customer has agreed to such disclosure.
It is necessary to disclose customer information to our contractor in order to provide services requested by the customer.
It is necessary to disclose private information on the basis of relevant law.

[Measures for ensuring private information security]

To ensure the precision and safety of private information, our company is taking various security-related measures.

[Identification of customer]

When a customer requests the checking, correction or removal of his/her private information, our company will do so after checking his/her identity.

[Compliance with laws and ordinances and policy review]

Our company will comply with Japanese laws and ordinances applied to private information owned by it and review its private information policies as necessary to improve them.


If you have any questions regarding our handling of private information, please contact us at the following.

252-1123, (Hayakawa Industrial Park) 2647-16 Hayakawa, Ayase shi, Kanagawa

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Note 1 In the case of surface treatment, see the following:
  • In the case of alumite, designate silver. And for stain color designate color, the necessity of clear coating, film thickness (in the case of alumite or clear coating), and the necessity of luster and post-alumite curing (if post-alumite curing is necessary, designate one-surface curing or both surface curing.)
  • In the case of coating, please designate a coating type (acrylic, fluorine, etc.), coating color (manufacturer number, Japan Paint Manufacturers Association number or color sample) and the necessity of curing (if curing is necessary, designate one-surface curing or both surface curing, as in the case of alumite).
Note 2

In the case of houndstooth (staggered) punching, holes are punched as follows:

Metal mold arrangement A shows houndstooth (staggered) holes. As shown in Figure B, the shapes of first perforated staggered holes and last perforated staggered holes are different (asymmetrical).
Therefore, in the case of Figure C showing an asymmetrical staggered hole pattern, one-row or one-line backfilling is necessary. So please designate your desirable hole pattern in advance.

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