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Customers First (customer-centered philosophy)

We are working while always asking to ourselves what we can do to deliver satisfaction to customers, employees and affiliate companies.

We are working while always asking to ourselves what we can do to deliver satisfaction to customers, employees and affiliate companies.
We are taking on new technical challenges every day and sincerely responding to even small orders so that every one of our customers will use our perforated metals for all time.
We are carrying out customer satisfaction surveys and reflecting their results to our daily business to realize the needs of customers to the extent possible.
Please consult Uchinuki Co., Ltd. regarding any inquiry about soundproof wall, speaker, perforated metal for ceiling, perforated metal as construction material and made-to-order perforated metal.

Uchinuki's Technology for supporting high quality

Mold technology of Uchinuki


Mold technology of Uchinuki

To produce high-quality products, mold precision is important. We have introduced the latest wire electric discharge machines, which are essential for high mold precision. A manufacturing cost significantly depends on the mold structure. We have set our product quality goals to obtain ISO certification for our metal mold designs and techniques. We are carrying out daily R&Ds through trials and errors in pursuit of high quality and low prices.
Product characteristics
・Our excellent mold technology enables processing with less deformation before levelling.
・Less burrs
・We have abundant experiences in handling materials in addition to metals.
・Our less-than-1 mm micropore punching ability produces high-quality design products such as speaker cover.
Uchinuki's product feeding technique


Uchinuki's product feeding technique

Control by NC: A coil material is fed by a roll type. A guide is used for the smooth feeding of material by preventing the meandering of material and irregular pitch.
Machine rotation speed and roll pressure are adjusted according to material thickness and width.
Punching of a soft material such as thin resin often results in meandering and irregular pitch, but we can handle such problems by utilizing data obtained from our experiences.
Uchinuki's leveler technology


Uchinuki's leveler technology

When distortion/strain has become large because of the material or the rate of hole area, a suitable leveler machine is selected, and leveler direction, order and strength are adjusted, which is very difficult.
We have several experienced workers having worked for our company for 35 years or longer and therefore can provide stable quality products also in the future.
Uchinuki's material protection technology


Uchinuki's material protection technology

Our plants have equipment for providing protective curing to aluminum.
We have measures to avoid the direct contact of a material with punching machine table, shearing blade, metal mold, etc.
Uchinuki's original graphic punching technology


Uchinuki's original graphic punching technology

Graphic punching technology characterized by an original mold technique and original punching pin control system/technology
Graphic punching technique can be used in almost all of our punching machines and is characterized not only by graphic designs such as letters and illustrations but also by the simultaneous processing of the holes of perforated bent plate (*1), application to construction accessory panel (*2) and the realization of high hole area (even when four-side trimming is difficult) and the four-side trimming at micropore punching (*3). We provide these characteristics at high quality and low cost compared with other companies.
We have established a technology by which all mold punches are graphically controlled even in case of 1 φ x 1.5 P micropores, which was difficult in the past.
Expression ability has increased: Pictures and letters can be expressed using punched holes even on a small panel.

Uchinuki's Staff

The following is the introduction of our staff. First, the person we must not forget is the founder, who was also the former president of our company.
He passed away in 2000. Although some staff members do not know him, executive director Iwasa, sales department director Abe and technical deputy manager Takahashi were his favorite disciples. President Nakao is his first son, and plant manager Nakao is his second son.
Another person we must not forget is general manager, namely the founder's wife, who suddenly passed away in 2015.
She was a very caring lady loved by every staff member, like their mother. Her philosophy has been passed down to female managers, namely plant manager Mizuno and general affairs department chief Kanno.
Plant manager Mizuno

Plant manager Mizuno

To work means to serve people. Serving customers provides us with pleasure and satisfaction. We pursue high-quality "monozukuri" that makes customers smile.
I always instruct my junior staff to work energetically and cheerfully. Those who are manufacturing products and operating machines are plant staff. My mission is to create an environment in which the staff can work effectively with maximum performance.

General manager (the mother of the president) was a respectable person both as a human and a woman.
She devoted herself to the company and was attentive to employees and to their families as well.
She showed us solutions to difficulties without talking much but in a casual manner.

I always teach junior staff not to say "impossible," and that almost anything is possible if we seriously pursue the solution.
I want our staff to be always sincere. They spend much of their time in this plant.
I hope they make their best efforts so that they can find pleasure and happiness here.

What you have done always comes back to you. I want to grow with my junior staff so that we can look back and feel we did so fine.
I hope the further growth of the plant by the organization of its production system and the improvement of our services to ensure customer satisfaction.

Plant manager Nakao

Plant manager Nakao

I always instruct our junior staff to recognize what customers want us to do and why they select our company and to think well before action. I believe this will win customers' trust.
Although it is necessary to work while thinking what one really wants to do, what is more important is to work while pursuing what each customer wants. This is the way our work should be.

As daily training for enhancing our spiritual awakening, we make it a rule to perform full-scale cleaning activity and chant the following slogans before holding a morning meeting: "Monozukuri in consideration of customer needs," "high attention to quality by sophisticating our five senses," "always looking for good points of others," "consideration to colleagues," and "neat, clean, organized and uncluttered." These customs greatly enhance the staff's preparedness for work.

Uchinuki treasures its staff. President's wish for fostering the good points of each staff has created an atmosphere where each staff can work freely. Certainly, responsibilities accompany such freedom. Under such an environment, each staff is carefully manufacturing products for customers with a sense of responsibility.

To establish a strong company that is flexible and whose foundation is stable in the face of various changes of the times, I believe that continuously protecting the existential values of customers, our company, staff and myself will strengthen our ties with our customers.

Sales department director Abe

Sales department director Abe

As sales department director, my hope is to appeal our technological competence and response capability and deliver unparalleled products to customers. Among our products, the ratio of construction-related products is high at about 35%. In response to customer orders, we make made-to-order products. Therefore, pre-production arrangements with customer are important. Such arrangements are impossible without understanding architectural drawings and require a skill to some extent. However, we instruct even inexperienced staff through on-site work to make them full-fledged salespersons.

Our policy is "customers first." We educate our staff to make them act not simply in response to an instruction but act based on the precise understanding of customer request and on their judgment. A person who cannot act without being instructed cannot correctly cope with a trouble. If you correctly understand the needs of customer and your work, you can understand the cause of trouble and correctly cope with it. I instruct our staff to go to see the customers first in case of trouble, without justifying own mistake or seeking self-protection. I educate them to make efforts to resolve a trouble even if it is not caused by our company.
Sincerely responding to a customer's complaint in his/her shoes without running away from it strengthens trust by the customer. I instruct my junior staff that a trouble is the biggest chance of building a trust with the customer.
Even in the face of difficulty, bravely confronting it will produce good results. I hope our junior staff not to be afraid of failures but learn from them.

Our company alone can produce nothing. I want our staff to remember that our monozukuri is possible because of customers and those who cooperate us. Human relationship is a treasure. I feel I am allowed to stay alive. Thinking like that, I can see everything from a different angle. I will stick to my "customers first" policy also in the future.

General affairs department chief Kanno

General affairs department chief Kanno

Keeping deep in mind our corporate philosophies "contribution to the society," "self-happiness," "reliable products and services," and "satisfaction of the needs of all related parties," the General Affairs Department is performing daily business activities to provide services to our customers and surrounding people.

Because of its nature, the department is characterized by frequent communications with the company employees. We sometimes experience unreasonable requests from them, but we cope with each request on the basis of whether it actually serves customer needs and leads to our company's business efficiency. If so and even if responding to the request is very difficult, we try to achieve the solution.

What I want our junior staff to do is to take the initiative of their work. Recently, a proposal by the General Affairs Department led to the simplification of business. Moreover, the active reduction of costs such as daily copying cost, electricity cost and telephone charges are also the task of our department. Our department is endeavoring to reduce wasteful cost, for example by managing copying cost at each business office, by looking for electric and telephone service providers that offer less costly services and by not buying daily necessities only because of convenience. I believe that these efforts for business efficiency and cost reduction will enable us to provide our company's products to customers at lower prices and in turn increase our company's profits.

Based on our corporate philosophies, our department is going to actively work for customers and our company also in the future. Currently, each work is allocated to the staff according to the level of skill required by it, but in the future, every staff member of our department should acquire the same level skills to become able to handle any work.

Staff who support the company

Plant staff

Our company has two manufacturing plants in Fukushima and Hyogo. In both plants, their directors and manufacturing staff are working hard, sometimes even on holidays, to achieve quality and delivery date requested by customers based on the corporate philosophy "delivery of satisfaction to our customers."
On the basis of our customer satisfaction analysis according to ISO9001, we have conducted a customer survey, which suggests that customer satisfaction with our plants is high and proves that our customers have been satisfied with our products.
Fukushima plant has 50 staff, which is the highest number among our business offices.

Fukushima plant has four departments, namely Management Department, Manufacturing Department, Technology Department and Quality Assurance Department. The plant is led by female plant manager Mizuno. It is rare to see a female leader in a metal-processing plant having fifty staff members.
She says, "Although I am a plant manager, I want to communicate with our staff like their mothers." Of course, this does not mean spoiling the staff. She wants to create a family-like atmosphere in the plant while sometimes strictly instructing and sometimes praising the staff to stimulate their motivations. As shown in the Japan Metal Daily (newspaper), our company has established a 1φ-level graphic punching technique and is also developing new knit-like patterns.

Hyogo Plant, which is smaller than Fukushima Plant, is led by plant manager Nakao, who is leading 5S activities (particularly 3S activities). Attracted by them, local trade association members visit the plant to see them. In Fukushima Plant's four departments and Hyogo Plant, our company's 2.5-generation staff members are growing. While the current top management and major staff correspond to our company's second generation, our company is endeavoring to foster young mid-level staff to ensure its long-term stability and growth and create new social values. Our company has cultivated human resources who can respond to its needs.

In terms of production and quality improvements, we have some issues to tackle. The presence of issues means that there is still room for our growth, so we are going to cope with not only obvious issues but also latent ones by utilizing the ISO9001 management method.

Fukushima Plant

Fukushima Plant

Hyogo Plant

Hyogo Plant

Sales staff

The number of sales staff members are three in the main office, three in Tokyo and one in Kansai Sales Office. President Nakao, executive director Iwasa and plant manager Nakao also carry out sales work, although it is not their main work. Sales department is led by director Abe, experienced with 33-year work history in our company. He is always serving customers in their shoes and providing them with satisfaction as a symbolic staff of Uchinuki. Both chiefs of sales offices in Tokyo and Kansai have grown as 2.5 generation and are serving customers as symbolic staff of Uchinuki. They sometimes have to apologetically ask difficult work to plants and subcontractors by bowing their heads and never forget to show their gratitude to good workmanship. I believe that showing gratitude is one way of expressing satisfaction.

  • Head Office Sales

    Head Office Sales

  • Tokyo Sales Office

    Tokyo Sales Office

  • Kansai Sales Office

    Kansai Sales Office

General affairs department staff

Unlike the sales and plant staff, the General Affairs Department staff play behind-the-scene roles. They are working well both in general affairs and accounting. They are never late for cutoff dates or pay dates arranged with customers. Their in-house reliability is very high. They always consider the work environment of sales and plant staff as general affairs. They are playing a leading role in creating the corporate climate of reducing wasteful spending in the entire company by making other departments aware of the virtue of saving, such as saving of copying cost and communication cost, even if such costs are not so high.

General affairs department staff

Overseas affiliate companies (in Thailand)

There are two affiliate companies in Thailand, one of which is UCHINUKI, THAILAND (sales company) and the other is UCHINUKI INDUSTRY, THAILAND (manufacturing company). Iwasa, who is our company's executive director, is also the president of both companies.
Like Sales Department director Abe, he is a veteran having worked for more than 30 years for our company. He was Technology Department director. Before working in Thailand as president, he served as Sales Department director cum managing director. He can handle any work in sales, technology and production technology fields like a superman.
The overseas deployment has just started, and no big achievement has been made yet, but because our company's top-class staff members have been sent to both companies, I believe that their future potential is high.

Overseas affiliate companies (in Thailand)

Customer's voice

Customers' high evaluation of our company because of our customers first policy

The following are the voices of customers who have used Uchinuki's perforated metals.

  • We are very satisfied with the Sales Department's responses and the quality of perforated metals.

    We are very satisfied with the Sales Department's responses and the quality of perforated metals.

  • Because our business opportunities in Kanto region are expected to increase, we will continue using Uchinuki's perforated metals.

    Because our business opportunities in Kanto region are expected to increase, we will continue using Uchinuki's perforated metals.

  • After order placement, we were able to check the punching shape very soon. We appreciate Uchinuki's quick and reliable responses.

    After order placement, we were able to check the punching shape very soon.

  • We appreciate Uchinuki's quick and reliable responses.

    We appreciate Uchinuki's quick and reliable responses.

  • Despite its summer vacation, Uchinuki responded to our complaint and resolved the problem so that we were able to meet our delivery deadline.

    Despite its summer vacation, Uchinuki responded to our complaint and resolved the problem so that we were able to meet our delivery deadline.

  • Although we found a problem in the quantity of perforated metals delivered by Uchinuki, thanks to its quick response to our complaint, we were able to meet our delivery deadline as scheduled.

    Although we found a problem in the quantity of perforated metals delivered by Uchinuki, thanks to its quick response to our complaint, we were able to meet our delivery deadline as scheduled.

Other voices of customers:

  • Although we changed perforated metal specifications many times, Uchinuki dealt with the changes very well.
  • In addition to the excellent punching quality, coordination among sales, business and production was excellent.
  • We will continue using Uchinuki's perforated ceilings.
  • We have used Uchinuki's perforated metals for the first time and found no problem.
  • We appreciate Uchinuki's good job for us without trouble or delay.
  • It was a great help because Uchinuki responded quickly to our requests regarding delivery date and packaging and the additional order for perforated metals. We hope to continue the business relationship with Uchinuki.
  • We appreciate Uchinuki's always polite and sincere attitude.

Our metal punching techniques and services are without equal.
Please consult us regarding any problems that other companies
have failed to resolve.

in quality

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