Characteristic Products

  • Graphic punching

    UGP(Uchinuki Graphic Punching)
    By freely controlling metal holes and on the basis of photos, designs, CAD data, etc., Uchinuki provides customers with various perforated metal options with high design quality. Because graphic punching is not subject to the restriction of perforated metal manufacturing equipment, processing ranging from sheet processing to coil processing is possible. Our on-demand responses satisfy various needs such as quick delivery, small-lot production and so on.
    Uchinuki uses its own metal mold, which made available to provide punching patterns not included in the graphic punching pattern list.
  • Perforated bent plate

    Perforated bent plate
    The holes and a trapezoidal cross section of the panel mitigate wind impact. Punched holes provide ventilation effect and a feeling of liberation.
    Punching patterns: hole area rate of 0 to 50%. Uchinuki has a variety of punching molds and provides panels having three types of a trapezoidal cross sections.
    Because punching molds are manufactured by our company, punching patterns other than those shown in our catalogues are also available.
    A trapezoidal cross section is realized by roll forming. We provide panels attractive also in terms of cost.
  • Single-metal knit basket style punching method

    Single-metal knit basket style punching method
    Punching and concave-convex processing performed at the same time, therefore knit-like appearance is provided.
    Concave-convex processing increases strength compared with normal perforated metals.
    Applications to construction and exterior fields are wide such as gate, door, fence, and blind panel.
    Because Uchinuki uses its original metal molds, patterns not included in the knit/net-type punching pattern list are also available.
  • Punching to materials other than metals

    Punching to materials other than metals
    Uchinuki has original molding techniques, so it can punch various materials in addition to metals. Its past achievements are as follows:
    [Resin] Resin-metal composite plate, polyvinyl chloride resin, polycarbonate, PET and fluorine resin
    [Other than resin and metal] Paper, melamine facing plate, artificial turf, etc. Please consult us regarding punching to new materials whose punching is unprecedented. Even if such punching is unprecedented, if there is a feasibility, we will give it a try starting from a trial product.
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