Uchinuki`s Graphic Perforated

Uchinuki`s Graphic Perforated

Perforation is freely controlled.

Based on photos, design, CAD data, etc., processing that satisfies customer needs is possible.

Applications Display, signboard, decoration, monument, advertisement, guide map, interior/exterior panel, etc.
Material Metal plate. Consult us also regarding materials other than metal plate.
Plate sickness Approx. up to 5 mm (depending on the material)
Maximum size: 2,400 mm in width, and any length

Characteristic of graphic punching

  • Because graphic punching expresses letters, design, etc.
    using holes, light and wind passage and weight reduction are possible.
  • Punching of one material or various types of materials and mass production are possible.
    Because graphic punching is not restricted by perforated metal equipment, processing ranging from sheet processing to coil processing is possible.
  • On-demand responses
    Digital input and out put of processing data make it possible to respond to various needs such as quick delivery, small-lot production, and various types of products.
  • Combination with Uchinuki Metal Print (UMP) realizes infinitely expanding graphic world.
    Combination with UMP(Uchinuki Metal Print) further enhances expression.

Graphic punching process

Graphic punching process

Original Drawing

Photo, illustration, pattern, letter, mark
(Both original drawing and data will do.)

Preparation of graphic punching data

Preparation of graphic punching data

Incorporation of original drawing as graphic data by using a scanner. (Or customers can provide us with graphic data.)
Data input for punching (setting of hole shape, hole diameter, pitch, hole area rate, etc.)
* Conversion from CAD format such as DXF is available.


Confirm Perforated image

It is possible to print out a modified punching pattern. Punching data transmission to data source or checking by customer is also possible.


Graphic punching processing

Data modification alone makes it possible to freely modify punching patterns in a short time. Post-processing surface treatment or UMP provides richer expression.

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