Perforated Metal Column

Uchinuki's ability in perforated metals


Earnestly devoted to metal punching for a half century

In 2016, Uchinuki passed the milestone of 50 years since its establishment. In 1990, Uchinuki Seisakusho, which had been established in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture as a punched wire mesh manufacturer, was renamed "Uchinuki Co., Ltd. (the current company name). Currently, Uchinuki has its main office in Ayase City, Kanagawa Prefecture, two plants in Nishi-Shirakawagun, Fukushima Prefecture and Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture, and manufacturing and sales hubs in Thailand. It also has sales offices in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo and inside the Sanda Plant.

With these production and sales systems in its background, Uchinuki is aiming to realize "dream studios" for creating the future of perforated metals. To realize it, Uchinuki is endeavoring to establish punching work techniques focused on precise punching, computer-utilizing graphic punching and the punching of nonmetallic materials.

Free-control of holes

One of Uchinuki's original techniques utilizing a computer is Uchinuki graphic punching (UGP). UGP is capable of freely controlling holes to be punched according to customer requests, such as punching based on photo, illustration, pattern, letters, mark, etc. Even original drawing/picture and data will do.

UGP is adaptable to wide-ranging applications such as display, sign board, decoration, commemorative product, advertising material, guide map and interior/exterior panel. It is applicable not only to metal plates such as steel, aluminum and stainless plates but also to nonmetal plates.

UGP expresses letters, design, etc. using holes, which are the vital elements of perforated metal, and therefore it enables the passage of light and wind, transparency and light weight. Production lot is unlimited, ranging from one product manufacture and the small-lot production of various types to mass production, with flexible adaptation to sheet processing and coil processing. The combination of UGP with Uchinuki metal print (UMP) further widens expressions.

Regardless of presence/absence of holes, the UMP is capable of the sublimation thermal transfer of various designs on metal plate. Because it uses six-color dyes, it can express delicate tones, and precisely duplicate original image such as photo and illustration by utilizing the texture of each material.

Active challenge to processing work in addition to punching

Although Uchinuki is a manufacturer dedicated to metal-punching work, it is actively engaged also in secondary processing incidental to punching work. This is because increasing the in-house production rate improves and stabilizes product quality.

Uchinuki's technology has been accumulating in its sheet metal processing, press work and surface treatment techniques. For example, in sheet metal processing, Uchinuki is fully taking advantage of its original knowhow of shearing, bending, irregular shape cutting, welding, countersink and assembly. In press work, Uchinuki has particular strength in blank and molding. Uchinuki's surface treatment is characterized by its original UMP and degreasing technique.

Combining these techniques is realizing quick delivery, cost reduction and integrated management in terms of manufacture. Uchinuki has established an in-house system for comprehensive processing work ranging from prototype production and small-lot production of various types to mass production.

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