Punching to materials other than metals


Miniature models, light electric appliances and others


Using its original metal mold technology, Uchinuki is realizing the punching of various materials in addition to metals.
Past achievements:
[Resins] Resin-metal composite plate, vinyl chloride resin, polycarbonate, PET and fluorine resin
[Other than resins and metals] Paper, melamine facing plate, artificial turf, etc.
Consult us regarding punching work even on a material whose punching is unprecedented.
Even without precedence, depending on the feasibility, Uchinuki will give it a try by making a trial product.

Typically, the target of punching is a metal, as the term “perforated metal” suggests. However, Uchinuki’s technology has enabled the punching of paper and realized products made of fibrous paper. Although the current specification of such a product is 0.25 mm in thickness with 1Ø x 1.4P, other specifications are also possible. These products are available also at mass retailers as products intended to prepare miniature construction models.

  • PSシート

    Polystyrene sheet

    Hole diameter:0.7Φ


    Rate of hole area: 44.3%

  • 紙


    Hole diameter:1.0Φ


    Rate of hole area: 46.1%

  • 人工芝

    Artificial grass

Typical working limit and Uchinuki’s working limit

In general, the working limit of perforated metals is plate thickness≦hole diameter or plate thickness≦bar.
Normally, it is impossible to make holes whose diameter is smaller than the plate thickness or make bars thinner than the plate thickness.
However, depending on the conditions, our company can make holes whose diameter is smaller than the plate thickness and bars thinner than the plate thickness.

Uchinuki’s metal mold manufacture

Uchinuki is manufacturing its original metal molds necessary for punching work. Even punching specifications not covered by our catalogue are possible at low prices by manufacturing a special metal mold. The customers may imagine that specifications not covered by our catalogue or website and special metal mold will naturally cost much, but low-cost manufacture is possible even in such a case.
Uchinuki can handle many patterns not covered by our website and catalogues.

Regarding processing beyond general working limits and special metal mold manufacture, please consult our sales department.

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