Perforated Metal Column

Perforated bent plate showing greater presence


Perforated bent plate used for new functions such as windbreak fence and snow fence

In addition to perforated flat metals, perforated bent metals made by bending perforated metals are used in various scenes. Wind that passes through the holes of a perforated bent plate changes its direction because of upward and downward mutual interference caused by cross sectional shape and loses its power. Therefore, perforated bent plates are widely used as outdoor windbreak fence, snow fence, breakwater, etc.

Because perforated bent metals are used in natural environment, those plated with zinc, aluminum and magnesium alloy, whose weather resistance is higher than that of typical zinc-plated steel plates, are used widely. These days, to enhance visual transparency, transparent resin materials such as polycarbonate is also used.

As explained previously, Uchinuki manufactures perforated bent plates from coiled materials and can bend and forming work. After forming work, automatic load line is used, which makes it possible to provide high-quality products at low prices. Moreover, Uchinuki is developing its original metal molds, so it is capable of handling various original patterns particularly for high quality design. It is also capable of producing made-to-order hole patterns according to customer request.

Effect of landscape protection around construction site

Uchinuki's perforated metals manufactured by expanding the processing work flexibility range and using its original metal molds are used in various scenes according to customer requests. They are also used for the temporary enclosure of construction site and often unnoticed by passers-by. Unlike old days, they are not intended simply to partition a construction site from its outside, so products in consideration of passers-by are increasing. For example, by taking advantage of Uchinuki's graphic punching technique, it is possible to create a tree design formed by punched holes. Such graphically punched holes enhance the visibility of construction site without damaging the landscape.

Punched metals increasingly used for home electric appliances such as ventilation fans and washing machines

Previously, I mentioned perforated metals used for indoor audio equipment. Their presence is increasing also in car audio field. Currently, the covers of car-mounted speakers are mainly made of resin because of low cost. However, because the acoustic effect of metallic speaker covers is significantly higher than that of resin-based speaker covers, those made of perforated metal are used for luxury cars.

In the future, as automatic driving is expected to become common, habitability inside a car will become a main issue. This will enhance people's interest toward calmness and sound quality inside cars. In such a not so distant future, demand for perforated metals is expected to rise.

Uchinuki's perforated metals are also used as filters for commercially-used kitchens and household ventilation fans. Taking advantage of its burring technique developed from the manufacturing of its noise reduction walls, Uchinuki is also manufacturing 3 φ hole panels. Burring has a strength-enhancing effect, which is advantageous in that a thin plate thickness is possible. Thin plate thickness results in light weight and cost reduction. Protrusions, which are a characteristic of burring, also prevent oil dripping. Thus, burring serves a dual purpose.

As for home electric appliances, perforated metals are used in the inner shell plate of commercially-used washing machines. In such products, burring, which is a favorite technique of Uchinuki, is used.

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